Our vast experience is at the client’s disposal for special requests, personal projects, the realization of unique pieces or exclusive collections. In every project the execution of the prototype is preceded by a phase of study and design.

Exclusively created by our workshop and ranging from one-off pieces to limited editions, our production runs from candlesticks, salt cellars and prestigious trophies to small collections, all of supreme craftsmanship.

Chrysler Building, 2014

Chrysler Building, 2014

Chrysler Building, 2014

In solid 925/000 silver Completely handmade from perforated and engraved plate and silver welded. Spire and all details, gargoyles and decorations, made by wax model, using microfusion, and chiselled by hand. Removable from the marble base by means of pins and screws passing through the entire height of the skyscraper. Preparation : 600 hours. Height 83 cm from the silver base.

Doll 2006

Exclusive limited edition, 2006 to present day, “always standing” doll in silver with face completely chiselled by hand.

Swan Caribbean Cup, 2017

Inspired by the cup made by Asprey of London. Sailing trophy with gold parts. Removable sails, attached with overlaying pins and screws around a silver gilt palm with leaves attached with pins and screws in silver. Swans’ head handles made using microfusion and chiselled. Height, including wood base, cm 45

Madonna SS. Annunziata, 2011

Silver reproduction hand embossed and hand chiselled of the miraculous annunciation painting, situated in the chapel of the Basilica Santissima Annunziata in Florence

Panther, 2010

In solid 925/000 silver, using microfusion and completely hand chiselled

Leaf, 2011

In solid 925/000 silver, completely hand embossed and hand chiselled

Gavitello, 2010

Silverplated bespoke Gavitello Challenge Trophy handmade for Yacht Club Punta Ala

Bronze medal of Lorenzo The Magnificent, 2017

Bespoke bronze medal made using microfusion, chiselled and hand engraved

Pitti Immagine Cup, 1994

to present day Pitti Immagine Uomo Prize. It is in solid 925/000 silver with a base in marble from Carrara (Italy)

Basket with frogs, 2011

Silver basket with ivory handles carved with bezels maded to measure, with frog welded and made using microfusion