Over time Pagliai has remained true to the traditional excellence and quality of its craftsmanship, developing, alongside the classic silverware line, contemporary ‘tailor-made’ objects that are an expression of refinement and elegance.

All the pieces we produce in silver with the historic 523 Firenze hallmark are certified 800 and most are 925, or in other words the percentage of silver, expressed in parts of a thousand, that is alloyed with copper.

Silver 800 thousandths means that for every thousand parts of metal, 800 are in silver and 200 in copper; so, in the same way, 925 thousandths indicates that for one thousand parts of metal, 925 are in silver and 75 in copper alloy.

Silver 925 thousandths is also called Sterling.

Silver 1000, or in other words pure silver, is so soft and malleable that it is impossible to work or to use for the creation of objects.

Thus, if an object in silver is hallmarked 1000/1000, then this is a metal object which has simply been plated in silver but is not solid silver.

Other pieces we produce are in copper and metal with silver plating where the plating is guaranteed: the object is immersed in a galvanizing dip and covered with a layer of pure silver which will give it greater brightness and resistance to corrosion.